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News July 2015

Due to stricter requirements, the authorities have closed several private orphanages around India. We are of course interested in orphanages meeting a certain standard, but it is also problematic if there are no alternatives for the children. This means increased pressure on Enable – and we now house a total of 100 girls in the children’s village.

It is the construction of the seventh house, that has made it possible to take in additional 15 girls. Girls who otherwise would have been left to a life on the street.

In addition, we are pleased to inform that all girls have passed their exams and four girls now have passed their 12th grade exam (graduation). Two of them will train for respectively tailor and nurse, which is funded by Enable. Two others were meant to attend college, but unfortunately this was prevented by family members. It’s their big sisters husbond who has demanded money to allow their further education. Unfortunately, just another example of the conditions, Indian women live under.

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